Digital Custom T-Shirt Printing – An Overview

Digital Custom T-Shirt Printing – An Overview

The process of printing any graphic or text or even photographs on a t-shirt using ink-jet or laser colour printer is called digital custom t-shirt printing. There are several ways and techniques of performing the process of digital custom t-shirt printing. T-shirt transfer paper is one of such processes. A novel paper is impressed upon the t-shirt while performing a T-shirt transfer paper technique. The transfer papers that are used for printing light colored and white t-shirts are different from those used for printing dark colored and black colored t-shirts.

You can self-impress on the top of the t-shirt by purchasing the paper according to the color of your t-shirt. However, while performing the process of digital custom printing on your own, the quality may not be upto the mark. Professional printers generally make use of commercial heat process while performing the task of digital custom t-shirt printing. This advanced technological assistance along with their professional expertise delivers a better quality printed t-shirt.

Advantages of Digital T-Shirt Printing

The screen printing requires a fixed or set number of t-shirts to be printed, which is not the case with digital t-shirt printing and even a single t-shirt or least number of t-shirts can be printed.

As the printing is done using an inkjet printer or a full color printer, all the colors can be printed as per your selection. So, it is very convenient to print good quality photos, pictures and graphics that have more than one color blending and merging with each other.

No pre- setup or preparation is required for digital custom t-shirt printing like in case of screen printing. Just set the size of the photo or graphic as per your t-shirt size and you are ready to print. After that, flip it on the print job and confirm the positioning of the graphic or the photo. Once the image is placed properly, print and press upon the t-shirt.

Digital custom t-shirt printing offers another major advantage of being able to customize and personalizing the print as per your need. One does not need to print the same design or graphic on all the t-shirts. Hence, each and every t-shirt can be made especially with unique design and graphic.

Disadvantages of Digital Custom T-Shirt Printing:

One of the major disadvantages of the digital custom t-shirt printing is that it does not allow you to print in white ink. For example, you will get only red colored impression in case you wish to print graphic including red and white colors on a dark blue t-shirt.
Proper care is needed while washing and handling the digitally printed t-shirts utilizing the transfer paper or else the photo or graphic might start fading. Hence, the t-shirt needs to be washed in cold water with minimum detergent turned inside out.

But in case you are planning to have your own customized T-shirt line launched then it is suggested to hire professional screen printers to get quality work done. Opt for printer which can provide you with best quality printing at reasonable cost. Make sure that the printer guarantees that print and color will stay intact even after repeated wash.

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